Lingue di gatto (flat cookies)



Recipe by
Iginio Massari
Lingue di gatto (flat cookies)

We commonly know them as lingue di gatto, or cat tongues, because of their flat, narrow and elongated shape. The technical term in pastry making for these delicious, easy-to-make cookies is massa a sigaretta, pirouettes, or rolled wafer cookies, as explained by Maestro Iginio Massari, who made them for us. We have all tasted them at least once, hidden among the other cookies and pastries in the group of Sunday pastries. They are made in just a few minutes, with a delicate dough prepared with butter, sugar, flour, and egg whites. They are ideal served as a snack together with small pastries, as they perfectly pair with tea or ice cream, soft desserts, mouth-watering creams, and fruit salads. Lingue di gatto cookies can also be used to garnish cakes, adding an extra touch of elegance and indulgence!

Ingredients for about 34 pieces
Butter 3 tbsp (50 g) - softened
Powdered sugar 0.3 cup (60 g)
Egg whites 3 tbsp (50 g)
Flour 0 3 tbsp (50 g)

How to prepare Lingue di gatto (flat cookies)

To prepare the lingue di gatto cookies, first place the softened butter in a bowl. Add the powdered sugar 1 and stir with a spatula. These ingredients will not have to be whipped. Add the egg whites 2  and stir again until a cream is obtained 3.

Add flour 4 and stir again until soft 5. Place the mixture into a pastry bag with a smooth 2/3 inch (10 mm) nozzle 6.

Prepare sticks about 4 inches (10 cm) long 7 on an oven baking tray 8 lined with baking paper; you can fit about 15 on the same tray. Cook in a preheated ventilated oven at 375° F (190° C) for about 8 minutes. At this point the cookies will be ready. Remove them from the oven 9

and if you prefer to give them a different shape than usual, use a rolling pin when they are still hot 10 and then let them cool. This way you will get curved cookies. Otherwise, to obtain a straight shape, just let them cool in the tray. Transfer to a serving plate and serve 11or use them to make a dessert and let your imagination run wild 12.


The cookies can be stored for 2 weeks in an airtight container. Alternatively, you can freeze them already cooked for 1 month.


When making the cookies, place wet paper towels under the baking tray to keep it still and ensure a more precise result.